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Feb 12, 2023

Must try things on your next trip

Travelling doesn’t only mean exploring new places or meeting new people but doing something out of your comfort zone and creating a memory of a lifetime. That said, we have compiled a list of things one must try on their next trip to unveil the true potential of travelling and themselves.

Eat with a local

Food is an effective medium to connect and know about the culture of a place. And the best way to achieve it is by joining a cooking class or inviting a local guide for lunch or dinner in exchange for some cultural wisdom.

Attend local cultural programs or festival

Plan your visit that synchronises with a local festival. If not, attend a regional show that best justifies the culture of a place. Some of the famous cultural festivals that one can attend in India are Rann Utsav and Pushkar Camel Fair.

Choose hostels over hotels

A hostel is a place where you not only get to meet the locals but also travellers from across the world. Having people with a shared love for travelling, you get a chance to learn about the native place of a traveller through their lens.

Give back to the society

While donating to charity is good, physically volunteering for a cause and seeing for yourself the impact you’re bringing gives a separate satisfaction. In India, Gurudwaras or animal welfare organisations like Peepal Farm offer you to volunteer for them for free.

Work in exchange for food or accommodation

Websites like Worldpackers help you collaborate with hosts worldwide who are ready to offer you free accommodation, meals and travel experiences in exchange for a few hours of their work. It’s a nice way to reduce your travelling costs and make friends with the locals.

Some of these suggestions might seem like a task but believe us, once you step in, you will find that it was worth the hassle. Also, there are many paid or compensation-based voluntary work available across the globe that allows you to work and stay in a foreign land. Make sure to do your research before joining the concerned NGO.

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