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Oct 29, 2022

What to do if you lose your baggage on arrival?

If the fear of not seeing your bag at the baggage claim belt has never bothered you while travelling, then we must accept you definitely have a heart of steel. Because frankly, travelling without getting the thought of losing your bag is hard to pull off.

Although we would never want anyone to go through such an unpleasant situation, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready with the right information to handle such situations, just in case. Here are the procedures you should follow if you lose your baggage on arrival-

  • File a passenger irregularity report (PIR) at your airline’s desk at the airport with a detailed description of your bag, contact details and permanent address or delivery address where you want your bag to be delivered if found. Don’t leave the airport without speaking to your airline’s representative. Get your claim number and a copy of the missing baggage report.
  • The airline is then supposed to trace your luggage and deliver it to you. Meanwhile, using the claim number, you can also track the status of your complaint at your airline’s official website.
  • If the airline cannot find your luggage within 21 days, it becomes a lost item. Make a new claim with the airline in this case, mentioning all the lost items. The passenger also needs to show a copy of the boarding pass/proof of journey and a copy of ID proof.Airlines currently compensate passengers for lost, damaged, and delayed baggage for domestic flights. You will need to list an inventory of the packed items and an approximate value.
  • Whether you have luggage for business or personal use, it’s a good idea to have photos of your luggage before a trip. This way, you can provide pictures to help verify your claim.

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