Colibița, Romania
Apr 25, 2023

Five reasons why Romania should be on your Europe bucket list

Lined with unexpectedly picturesque adventures and sights, Romania will up the ante for the dream European holiday.

Wonderful hiking trails

With over 30 mountain peaks, each unique to one other, Romania is a hub to have thrilling experiences. You also get to see Red Deer and Chamois on your hiking expedition here.

Where to go: Retezat Mountains

Retezat Mountains, Romania

Unique world heritage sites

Romania boasts both natural and cultural World Heritage Sites that are simply a gift for your eyes. Moreover, what could be better than these sites to know about the country?

Where to go: Danube Delta

Danube Romania

Mud volcano

What if we told you that volcano here spits out mud instead of molten lava? Moreover, the muds create a strange formation, giving out-of-the-earth vibes to the place.

Where to go: Berca Mud Volcanoes

Berca in Romania

Dracula’s home

Romania is known to be home to the famous legend- Dracula, housing two of his castles that see a huge influx of tourists. The location and architecture of the castles are bonuses that make your visit worthwhile.

Where to go: Bran Castle

Rich history

Despite modernisation, cities here have continued to maintain their old-time charm intact. You also get to see people dressed in traditional attire as you stroll around the city.

Where to go: Transylvania

Bran castle

5-day Romania itinerary that you can follow

Day 1: Arrive in Bucharest and take a 4-hour road trip to Tulcea Port, followed by a boat ride to Danube Delta Experience: Unique wildlife and bird species

Cost: Rs 2200 onwards (Boat ride)

Day 2: Take a day trip to Berca Mud Volcanoes and Slănic Prahova salt mine from Bucharest Experience: Europe’s largest salt mine

Cost: Rs 15,000 onwards (For a guided tour)

Day 3: Visit Bran Castle, a 3-hour drive from Bucharest Experience: Gothic architecture

Cost: Rs 1000 onwards

Day 4: Head to Sinaia, a 2-hour drive from Bucharest Experience: Monasteries and mountains

Cost: Rs 14000 onwards (For a private tour)

Day 5: Explore the city of Bucharest Experience: Museums and Parks

Cost: Rs 6,500 onwards (For a full-day sightseeing tour)

Note: The prices are subject to change depending on the time of the year and other factors.

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