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Jun 02, 2023

Pedaling Paradises: Discovering Exhilarating Cycling Routes Across the Globe

Unlike a vehicle, cycling gives you the freedom to bask in the charm of a destination peacefully and admire it a little more. That said, we have curated some of the best cycling routes in the world, which will make a place in your heart forever.

The Danube Cycle Path, Austria

Cycle along Europe’s second-longest river, where the path unveils a plethora of scenic wonders, from historical monuments to quaint villages.

Visit visa fees: Rs 7200

Must see: Melk Abbey and Wachau Valley

Danube River Austria

Romantic Road, Germany

Ride through the medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber that narrates the tales of the past for itself. You also get to pass by some vineyards where you can taste their popular sparkling wine.

Visit visa fees: Rs 7200

Must see: Neuschwanstein Castle and Würzburg Residence

Romantic Road Germany

Holland Junction Network, Netherlands

Embark on a cycling trip along the smartly planned pathways connecting the whole of the Netherlands with the countryside. Don’t forget to explore vibrant Amsterdam and snap some pictures of old-fashioned windmills during your journey.

Visit visa fees: Rs 7200

Must see: Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank House


Shimanami Kaido, Japan

Paddle your way through a breathtaking route that takes you through a number of stunning bridges, islands and coastal towns, enabling you to experience the rich cultural heritage of Japan.

Visit visa fees: Rs 1800

Must see: The Hill of Hope and Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture


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