Nov 01, 2022

10 Things You Do Before You Board a Plane

Travelling by air seems to include a never-ending to-do list. Right from choosing your seat to various security protocols, there are multiple things to consider before you step into the plane. To make your pre-flight routine easier, here are a list of 10 things that you should consider whether you are boarding for international flights or domestic ones:

Pick a Suitcase that Suits

The right bag can save you time and money. Go for bags that you can manoeuvre easily, like a trolley bag. Make sure it can fit all your items and has room to spare in case you decide to shop at your destination.

Get Charged Up

When travelling, always take plenty of rest before your trip begins, especially if your flight takes off during odd hours. This way you’ll avoid feeling fatigued throughout your journey. The same goes for your gadgets. Remember to charge them as many planes don’t provide charging points at your seat. You can always carry a portable charger in case your devices run out of power. Bring a travel adapter as well, since international locations have different charging pins which may not be compatible with your gadget.

Carry Essentials

Before you board the plane, ensure your list of essentials are with you. This can include medications, safety kit, wet wipes and sanitizers. If you are on prescription medication, carry enough to last your entire trip. The last thing you want is to fall sick during the time you are most looking forward to.


Keep Cash

While the world is transforming digitally, the importance of cash shouldn’t be underestimated. There are still many outlets who don’t accept cards so it’s important to have a cash reserve. By doing so, you could save yourself from being denied food and transportation just because your card is not accepted.

Check the Climate

Watching the weather channel may not be what everyone does during their spare time but it’s important to know the climate at both your departure and arrival destinations. The weather at your departure location could impact your flight’s schedule, and weather at your arrival point should influence the clothing you carry.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

There are still airlines that don’t offer entertainment facilities, especially during short-haul flights. So, it’s advisable you download the tv shows or movies you want to binge on directly onto your device and watch it on the flight.

Digital nomad

Save a Seat

Doing an online check-in hours before boarding the flight enables you to pick the seat of your choice. You can choose the seat closest to the exit, the aisle, window or the rarely-chosen middle seat depending on your preference.

Stack the Snacks

The worst time for a snack craving is when you’re thousands of miles above the ground with no access to food delivery. So, remember to carry some snacks and light meals which you can dig into.

Check Flight Status

Is your flight delayed? What is the average on-time performance for your airline and route? You can get answers to questions like these by simply downloading the Blinctrip app. You can also sign up to receive alerts by text.

Leave Time to Spare

Do you remember the time in your childhood when you had to board a flight and your parents demanded that you leave the house unreasonably early? Turns out they were right. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance when travelling, especially if it involves going by air. Leave early so you have loads of time to get to the airport (in case of unexpected traffic) and follow the airport boarding procedures.

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