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Dec 03, 2022

Flight Booking Tips for Student Travelers

You’ve chosen your university. You’ve earned your seat. Now all that’s left is to go abroad and start learning. Sounds simple, right? It may not be. Education travel can be an intimidating experience but you can take some of the pressure off by following these super simple tips:

Book Early

When it comes to flight booking, the earlier the better. Not only can it save you from some last-minute hassle, it can also save you money. The majority agrees that the best time to book flights for students is 50 days before your departure.

Select Budget-friendly Airlines

Budget airlines may not be fancy or luxurious, but they get the job done, and sometimes that’s all that matters. Choosing an airline like IndiGo, Go First, or SpiceJet will help divert your budget to other important areas of your educational trip.

Go Small

When it comes to airports, bigger isn’t always better. Smaller airports can significantly ease the burden on your wallet. A lot of smaller airports even collaborate with international airlines to offer budget-friendly flights. 

Take Off During Off-peak

Compared to professionals, students are not bound by the tightness of a work schedule. So, make sure you take advantage of the free time you have and travel during periods when fares are on the lower side.

Board the Red-Eye

Red-eye flights are the ones that take off late at night and arrive in the early hours of dawn. These flights tend to be very punctual and their biggest advantage is their affordability. Red-eye flights are cheaper than flights departing at other hours. If you can fight the physically-draining aspect of these flights, then the red-eye is the one to aim for.

Choose the Right Day

Flight ticket prices tend to swing depending on the day of the week. Flights taking off during the weekends are more expensive compared to weekdays. If you are looking to maximize on your flight ticket booking you should ideally book flights that depart during the mid-week, i.e. Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Start Connecting

Connecting flights are a lot cheaper compared to non-stop ones and are a great way of reducing your travel expenses. What’s more, long duration direct flights can get exhausting because of their travel time. Also, long-haul routes have extended layovers, especially when travelling abroad. If your layover time permits it, you can even do some sight-seeing at one of these cities. 

Switch on Your Trip Mode

Remove the thinking and worrying about your trip, with Blinctrip’s all-new Trip Mode. It activates 5 hours before your flight and intuitively keeps you one step ahead. Trip mode:

  • Alerts you with the time you must leave home for the airport
  • Pulls up a copy of your ticket and passport so you can enter the airport easily
  • Informs you about how much time until check-in counters close
  • Guides you to your boarding gate
  • Notifies you about the time left till the gates close
  • Updates you about your flight status
  • Tells you about which belt your bags will arrive on when you land
  • Calculates how much time you’ll take to get to your destination

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