Oct 22, 2022

Things to Know Before You Book Flight Tickets

Have you been bitten by the travel bug? Are you getting an itch that only travelling can scratch? Well, before you give in and hit the ‘book now’ button to purchase your flight tickets, you may want to consider these 10 tips for booking flights:

Take Off with a Flying Start

Your best bet to get the lowest flight rates is to book well in advance before your travel date. This can also help you get the seat of your choice on the plane.

Be a Know-it-all

To make a well-informed decision during your flight ticket booking, it would be good to check what your in-flight experience might be like. This includes knowing the flight’s on-time performance – where you can find out the likelihood of your flight getting delayed based on past records, baggage limit, availability of meals, type of aircraft, amount of legroom you will get, and plenty more.

Watch the Calendar

Flight ticket rates depend on a number of factors like travel date, day of the week, airport, etc. If your travel date clashes with an important festival like Diwali or Christmas, the prices will swing to the costlier side. Similarly, flights on weekends tend to be more expensive compared to weekdays. If your itinerary permits it, then book tickets during the mid-week. Also, if there are multiple airports in the city you are travelling from and to, try to opt for the closer one or the one that gives cheaper tickets.

Booking Calendar

Stay on Top of Your Schedule

When your timetable is tight, you need to make every minute count. With our door-to-door itinerary, you can calculate the entire duration of your trip, right from the starting point to your destination. The feature offers a:

Door-to-door Search: Enter the home or office address you’re headed to, and get recommendations to book the perfect flight.

Door-to-door Itinerary: See your complete itinerary. Select a flight and you’ll quickly know what’s the best time to leave home to get to the airport and when you’re likely to reach your destination.

Don’t Discount Budget Airlines

If you are on a budget, economical airlines are the way to go. But be prepared to compromise on things like meals or in-flight entertainment when choosing the less expensive service.

Know the Lay of the Land

If you’re flying on a connecting flight, consider the details of the layover location. If the airport is a single terminal, travelling between gates shouldn’t be much of a hustle. But if there are multiple terminals, you may want to consider finding a map and discovering quick navigation routes and methods (shuttles, transport cars, etc.) between the gates. 

Money in wallet

Look Out for Discounts 

Airline cards can unlock a world of benefits for you. They are fashioned for frequent travelers, and offer discounts on hotel bookings, dining bills, and benefits at airport lounges. Check with your bank if they offer these types of cards, especially if you travel quite often.

Do Some Solo Searching

Whether you’re flying single or in a group, search and book tickets for a single person. During group purchases, prices may sway to the higher side. 

Check Your Weight

Do a pre-flight check regarding your airline’s baggage allowance to know the size, weight and number of carry-ons allowed.

Take Your Shot

Some parts of the world require immunizations before you travel. It is best to get vaccinated when heading to different countries as you can minimize the risk of getting infected. Since we are living through a pandemic, this is more important than ever.

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