A Food Lover’s Guide: Must-Try Local Dishes from Every Indian State

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Sep 12, 2023

A Food Lover’s Guide: Must-Try Local Dishes from Every Indian State

India is a country with many different cultures, traditions, and cuisines. Through its astounding variety of regional cuisines, the nation’s rich heritage is one of the best ways to be explored. Every state in India offers its own distinctive gastronomic riches, ranging from exquisite street cuisine to extravagant feasts. If you enjoy cuisine and like to travel, join us as we guide you through the must-try regional specialties from each Indian state.

1. Maharashtra – Vada Pav:
Vada Pav, a spicy potato fritter eaten in a bun with chutney, is one of Mumbai’s best street foods. This iconic snack perfectly captures the colourful street food culture of Maharashtra.

Vada Pav

2. Rajasthan – Dal Baati Churma:
Dal Baati Churma, a filling dish from Rajasthan, combines lentil curry with baked wheat balls (baati) and sweetened crushed wheat (churma). For a true Rajasthani experience, you must taste it.

3. Gujarat – Dhokla:
Gujarat is known for its soft and spongy Dhokla, which is produced from fermented gramme flour. It is a favourite among food fans due to its acidic flavour and light texture.

4. Punjab – Butter Chicken:
Butter Chicken, a dish produced in Punjab with juicy chunks of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based gravy, is well known for its rich flavour. It tastes best when served with rice or naan for a hearty lunch.

5. Kerala – Appam with Stew:
Enjoy Appam with Stew, a delicacy unique to Kerala. These delicate rice pancakes go beautifully with a rich, flavorful vegetable or meat stew.

Appam with Stew

6. West Bengal – Fish Curry with Rice:
Bengalis are very proud of their Fish Curry, which is made with a variety of regional fish and a blend of spices. For a hearty meal, it is best enjoyed with steamed rice.

Fish Curry with Rice

7. Tamil Nadu – Masala Dosa:
Masala Dosa from Tamil Nadu is a traditional South Indian dish that consists of a thin, crispy pancake made of rice and lentils that is stuffed with a flavorful potato combination. Enjoy it with sambar and coconut chutney.

Masala Dosa

8. Karnataka – Bisi Bele Bath:
Rice is cooked with lentils, veggies, and a unique spice blend in a dish called bisi bele bath. This delicious one-pot dish from Karnataka is a culinary pleasure.

9. Assam – Assam Laksa:
A well-known Assamese food is Assam Laksa, a fiery, sour, and spicy fish-based noodle soup. It displays the distinctive flavour combination of the state.

Assam Laksa

10. Uttar Pradesh – Lucknowi Biryani:
The savoury rice dish known as Lucknowi Biryani, which is a representation of Uttar Pradesh’s royal culinary tradition and is prepared with juicy meat and flavorful spices.

Lucknowi Biryani

11. Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabadi Haleem:
In Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabadi Haleem, a hearty stew cooked with pounded meat and wheat, is a must-try during Ramadan.

Hyderabadi Haleem

12. Goa – Goan Fish Curry:
A culinary masterpiece that perfectly embodies the spirit of Goa’s coastline is the flavorful Goan Fish Curry, which is made with coconut milk and a variety of spices.

Goan Fish Curry

13. Himachal Pradesh – Sidu:
A traditional treat from the hills of Himachal Pradesh is sidu, a steamed wheat bread packed with veggies or meat.

14. Sikkim – Phagshapa:
Enjoy Phagshapa, a meal popular in Sikkim that is cooked with dried chiles, radishes, and pig strips. The Sikkimese culture is celebrated in this meal.

15. Meghalaya – Jadoh:
The Khasi tribe of Meghalaya is represented by the flavorful rice meal known as jadoh, which is prepared with meat and a variety of spices.

Like its cultural mosaic, India’s gastronomic scene is multifaceted. Discovering the must-try regional cuisine from each Indian state is a journey that provides a window into the culture and flavours of the nation. Every dish, from Mumbai’s fiery Vada Pav to Lucknow’s regal Biryani, conveys a tale that is best experienced via the sense of taste. Therefore, India’s food hotspots provide a once-in-a-lifetime gourmet experience for foodies and travellers alike. Good luck and safe travels!

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