How to make your travel pleasant in a long flight

How to make your travel pleasant in a long flight
Jun 13, 2023

How to make your travel pleasant in a long flight

Long trips can sometimes be intimidating, but with the proper planning, you can make that prolonged travel time bearable and even pleasurable. We’ve put together a helpful checklist that will enable you to get the most out of your extended journey.

Noise cancellation headphone

Invest in good-quality headphones and get transported to your own la la land away from the noise of other passengers. Create a personal haven of peace and use it to flush the stress out of your mind.

Noise cancelling headphones

Eye mask

An eye mask is a must if you have a day flight, especially for those who struggle to sleep under brightness. Also, when it’s on, people might not want to disturb you either.

Wear loose clothes

Unless you want to maintain a classic airport look, leaving those uncomfortable skin-tight clothes at home or in suitcases is better. Opt for loose and comfortable clothing that lets you breathe and move freely. Who says baggy clothes are not fashionable?

Backup movies and TV shows

Long flight journeys are the best time to finish your pending watchlist, which is getting longer with time. With your personalised collection at your fingertips, time will pass like a jet for you.

Watching TV


In case you decide to give rest to your eyes, podcasts are an excellent alternative to movies and work wonders in engaging you in captivating stories or informative discussions.

Carry travel pillow

A travel pillow is essential for restful sleep and to prevent neck strain from improper sleeping posture, ensuring that you awaken feeling refreshed and ready to explore your destination.

carry travel pillow

Fiction books

Sometimes all you need to pass the time is to get lost in the fictional story of a book. Bring along your favourite genre of fiction, and explore a world of imagination.

Stretch out

Take regular breaks and stretch your legs to promote healthy blood circulation. Keep your body moving by walking up and down the aisle and avoid any discomfort from prolonged sitting.

Whether you are going on a business trip or a family trip, make sure to embrace every moment of your journey. If you are visiting a hot place and confused about what to carry, then you can check out our blog for some guidance.

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