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Oct 08, 2022

How to travel with your pet on a flight?

Having a furbaby and being unable to take them on your vacations can be a difficult decision for pet parents. However, the good news is that flying with a pet in India is not just possible but also easy if you keep these things in mind.

Which flights in India are pet-approved?

Air India allows you to transport live animals.

SpiceJet allows pets in cargo, whereas IndiGo, AirAsia and Vistara allow service animals on board for passengers who need special assistance.

What are Air India’s requirements for flying pets?

  • If your pet and the carrier combined weigh more than 5 kg, then they will have to travel in the cargo hold
  • Carry necessary health certifications
  • Inform the airline beforehand
  • The flight commander must approve your pet’s travel
  • Excess baggage charges will apply for travelling with your pet

What should I do before booking my flight?

  • Check the airline’s website or contact their customer support to get their latest policies on pet transport
  • Not all breeds and ages are allowed on board; check the guidelines in advance

What should I do after booking my flight?

  • Visit your vet to get the required health certificates and vaccinations in time for departure
  • Get a carrier that fits in with the requirements of the airline
  • Get your pet used to the carrier and make it comfortable
  • Practice making your pet sit in the carrier

What should I remember on the flight day?

  • Feed your pet 4 hours before the trip for a comfortable journey.
  • Keep a pet bag handy with treats, water, a pee pad, a small toy, a collar with ID tags and a leash.

Above all, give your pet time to adjust to flying. It can be an intimidating experience for them as well, so ensure you have everything you need to get them to feel safe and loved.  And while we can’t guarantee that they won’t get addicted to wanderlust, travelling with your pet will surely give your Instagram feed a glow-up.

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