Summer Essentials
Apr 20, 2023

Must carry items on your next summer vacation

Don’t let the scorching sun become the hurdle to your trip. Carry these essentials and reduce the potential mishaps to a minimum while travelling in a hot climate.

Sunscreen lotion

Save the exposed area of your body from harmful UV rays by using sunscreen lotion while roaming around under an open sky. These lotions also keep you protected from painful sunburns.


It’s always wise to keep an extra tool handy for an added layer of protection, especially when you’re unaware of the intensity of the sun’s rays.



Keeping yourself hydrated is as important as maintaining the body’s glucose level within a safer limit, especially during summer. Make sure you carry glucose powder or a glucose bar to stay energized throughout the trip.

Wet wipes

Maintaining a fresh look in a humid climate is difficult, and that’s where wet wipes come in handy. Click as many adorable pictures as you want; just make sure you clean the dust and sweat away before a snap.

Filtered water bottle

You can’t always find out the source of drinking water you’re getting at a place; hence, filtering it before feeding it to your body would not do much harm. Additionally, it reduces the chances of food poisoning to a great extent.

It’s always nice to make a checklist of things before a trip so that you don’t miss out on things, and for this, the Blinctrip app comes in handy. Prepare your own customised checklist and keep a record of every small detail before you fly.

Water Bottle

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