Safety essentials for solo travelers

Solo Traveler
Mar 27, 2023

Safety essentials for solo travelers

Solo travelling comes with its own sets of thrills and self-discovery, but at the same time can be scary, especially when it comes to the safety of solo female travellers. But as long as women are in possession of these safety products, they can make every trip doable and less stressful. Let’s see how!

Smart Padlock

It’s impossible to clone the keys, as your fingerprint is your key. Moreover, you can control the locking and unlocking of the padlock from your smartphone, giving added protection to your travel items.

Alarm keychain

If you’re in an unknown place and feel threatened by the people around you, all you need to do is to pull the pin of the keychain. This activates the alarm and sets out a loud noise (we mean very loud), which can easily startle the miscreants and draw attention towards you.

Personal GPS tracker

It’s impossible to keep your loved ones updated every minute about your whereabouts when you’re on a trip. With a personal GPS tracker, they can track your movement in real-time on a google map and can send help to the exact location if needed.

Portable door lock

Add an additional layer of safety to your room from intruders by inserting the steel body of this portable lock into the door’s jamb. Once the lock is in place, you can have a sound sleep and recharge your body for the next day.

RFID-Blocking wallet

With everything getting digitised and contactless, data theft has become an easy deal with simple scanning. However, with this RFID-blocking wallet, you can roam freely without fearing your personal information being compromised.

Since your safety concerns are taken care of, you can now plan your first solo trip that you have been dying to go on. How about starting small and treating your newly found independence with a Goa trip?

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