Tips and tricks to avoid tourist traps at any destination

Tips and tricks to avoid tourist traps
Jun 27, 2023

Tips and tricks to avoid tourist traps at any destination

Who doesn’t want to have an authentic experience in their favourite destination? However, in an attempt to have it, we often fall prey to tourist traps that ruin our mood for the trip. While we can’t stop these scams from happening, we can avoid them with these simple and effective tips.

Time your visit smartly

Scammers target the peak season of tourism to achieve a greater return on their efforts. Considering planning your vacation during shoulder season. If not possible, try visiting a place in the early morning or late evening.

Dress like a local

Spotting a tourist is difficult if they are dressed like a local. Make sure to do some research on the local attires of a place so that when you visit it, you don’t look out of place.

Wear clothes like local

Buy from government shops

Focus on buying souvenirs or local clothes/products from government or government-regulated shops to avoid paying unreasonable prices or buying duplicate products.

Use local transport

Unless very urgent, prefer to travel locally using public transport. They are cheap, safe, and spare the pain of bargaining with local cab drivers.

Local transport

Refer to trusted sources

Visit reputed websites or blogs and read what past travellers had said about a place, the food and the local people. More than often, you will find very wise recommendations, and their insights help you know what things to do at a place.

Get a local sim

Getting a sim has become easy and cheap. You don’t have to rely on others and unwillingly dine at a restaurant just for the sake of the internet.  Make use of smart tourist-friendly apps like Google Maps and have control over your own trip. Female solo travellers can refer to our complete blog on must-have apps for female solo travellers for recommendations.

International Sim Card

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