Tips on what to pack for your monsoon travel

what to pack for your monsoon travel
Jul 07, 2023

Tips on what to pack for your monsoon travel

Every problem has a way around it, and travelling in monsoon certainly has one. All you need to do is choose your packing items wisely, and you can travel comfortably, just as you had imagined. Read on to learn what these items are and plan your trip to your favourite destination right away!

Flip-flops/rubber sandals

Monsoon means flooded streets, muddy paths and whatnot! No matter how cautious you be, saving your shining shoes from the ugly mud splashes is nearly impossible. In such situations, it is always better to carry rubber sandals or flip-flops, which are easy to wash and durable.

Rubber Sandals

Waterproof backpack

For a backpacker travelling without a backpack is equivalent to going on a vacation without an itinerary! Hence, investing in a good waterproof bag that can accommodate your electronic items and other travel essentials is highly recommended.

waterproof bag

Silica gel packs

People who can’t travel without shoes are more likely to walk in drenched shoes in monsoons that get smelly after drying. Thankfully, putting silica gel packs inside your shoes eradicates the chances of foul odour to a great extent.

Synthetic apparel

Lack of sunlight makes it difficult to dry damp clothing. You don’t have to worry about it with synthetic clothing, though, as its fibres dry more quickly and don’t retain water.

Ultralight raincoat

Needless to say, a raincoat is of utmost importance if travelling during monsoon. All you need to do is choose an ultralight raincoat which is easy to pack.

Ultralight raincoat

Travel clothesline

You won’t get a home-like arrangement to dry clothes everywhere, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create one for yourself. Buy some sturdy clotheslines and use them as needed.

Travel Clothes line

Mosquito repellent cream/spray

Use a repellent cream or spray to keep the little monsters at bay and protect yourself from diseases spread by mosquitoes, which are widespread during the monsoon.

Mosquito spray

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