May 29, 2023

What if I miss my connecting flight?

Nothing can be worse than missing a flight on a trip to your favourite destination. Regrettably, such situations are beyond our control. However, equipping oneself with the right knowledge and understanding their travel rights always helps.

Determine whose fault was it

If you have booked the connecting flight under the same PNR number, then it’s the airline’s fault, and if the connecting flight is booked separately with a different PNR number, then it’s the traveller’s fault.

What happens?

When the airline is at fault

  • The airline will try to re-book you on their next available flight.
  • If the flight is unavailable with the airline in question, they may book you with another airline.
  • In case of long-waiting hours, the airline will have to compensate you for food/beverages.
  • If the next available flight is on the following day, the airline will compensate you for your accommodation, including transporting you to the hotel.

When the traveller is at fault

The flyer is not entitled to claim any kind of compensation from the airline and has to incur all the costs that may arise.

Will I get a refund if I choose not to rebook?

No. Airlines only compensate you by rebooking another flight. You will get a refund if the airline cancels your flight.

Note: It is still advised to check with the concerned airline for the same.

What happens to my luggage?

Inform the airline immediately, and they will raise a ‘missed flight baggage claim’ ticket to track your luggage and keep it safe at the end destination, from where you can claim it after you’re rebooked.

Will I get any monetary compensation?

You will be entitled to compensation if you reach your final destination more than three hours later than your actual landing time. The amount usually depends on several factors, like the distance of the destination from the cancelled flight location.

Taking travel insurance for a journey involving risks like this is always advised, especially for international flights. For more guidance on travel insurance, you can refer to our blog. Happy travelling!

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