May 01, 2023

Fun activities to indulge in this summer for your kid

Summer vacation has begun, and it’s our responsibility to fill it with joy and beautiful memories for our kids. We have found a list of experiences you can gift your kid that guarantees loads of fun with some learning.

Surfing, Puducherry

Let your kid play with waves! Enrol them in a surfing school and watch them embracing their inner surfer while enjoying the thrill of the ocean.

Fees: Rs 2400 (1 class of 60 minutes)

RS 11,500 (5 classes of 60 minutes each)

Surfing Pondicherry

Pottery making, Kangra

Your child must have played in the mud, but how about converting this mud play into art? Visit a pottery studio with your kid and let their artistic juices flow while they create some magic with clay.

Fees: Rs 150 (15 minutes)


Kalari (martial arts) training, Bangalore

Add self-defence methods to your kid’s skill set. From learning disarming techniques to learning different animal poses as a defensive instinct, Kalari is fun to indulge in. Fees: Rs 2000 onwards

Martial Arts

Horse riding, Delhi

From beginner to expert, watch your kid transform into a good equestrian. Make sure your kid is equipped with necessary safety gear, such as a hard-riding hat and boots before they embark on their first ride. Fees: Rs 10,000 onwards (Monthly)

Horse Riding

Camping, Auli

Camp amidst the beautiful Himalayan mountains with your kids and get involved in numerous fun activities, including skiing, trekking and mountain biking. Fees: Rs 2000 per night (Extra charges on activities you choose to do)

Camping Auli

Parents can enrol their kids into organisations like the Outlife Camps, which conducts educational and adventure-driven summer camps for kids up to age 17. With divisions in all the big cities like Mumbai and Bangalore, these camps also offer you to participate in community service.

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