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Nov 22, 2022

Helpful tips for first-time flyers

The first flying time is always special! The thrill of take-off and the excitement of landing is an unmatched experience you must be looking forward to. But, just like anything done for the first time, it is wise to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. So, sit back and relax because we’ve got you covered with these first time flight journey tips.

Cut the Queue

The online check-in facility is offered by most airlines. This enables you to check-in for your flight and print your boarding pass before arriving at the airport. Checking-in online saves you time by waving goodbye to long airport queues and you can head straight to security check. This service also lets you pick your seat on the plane – giving you a tactical advantage in the space wars. You can also be in the company of your loved ones if travelling together.

Be an Early Bird

The unpredictable traffic can pose a risk of you missing your flight. Add to this the baggage to be checked and the huge number of security protocols to follow, means you’ll be investing a considerable amount of your time. For someone during a first time flight experience, this hustle can get intimidating and confusing. A simple way to save yourself this trouble is to get to the airport 2 hours before your flight takes off (3 hours if travelling internationally). This gives you time to explore the airport, indulge in some pre-flight shopping or grabbing a bite to eat.

Baggage belt at airport

Bag and Tag

Educate yourself on the different baggage types – checked, carry-on, and personal item. Every airline offers varied allowances for each type of domestic flight baggage and international flight baggage, so it’s best if you find out this information beforehand.

Tip: Weigh your baggage on a weighing scale at home to avoid paying an excess baggage fee.

To easily identify your flight luggage at the airport, you can tie a coloured ribbon, belt or name tag around it.  

Stay on Schedule

Stay up to date with your itinerary and regularly follow your flight’s status. Flight changes and cancellations are more common than you expect, especially in the challenging times we are living in. The flight status is always available on the airline’s website or mobile app. 

Dress to Destress

In the close-knit spaces of an aeroplane, the last thing you need is clothing that’s too tight. Remember to dress in comfortable clothing because you’ll be spending a few hours (maybe plenty if travelling internationally) sitting in constricted spaces.


Gear Up

In-flight accessories can enhance your first time travel in-flight experience. If you want time to fly by, you can carry a travel pillow, sleep mask, blanket, earplugs or whatever you need to catch up on some z’s. You can always create a music playlist on your phone, plunge yourself into an exciting book or immerse yourself in a TV or movie on your device. This is especially important when travelling on short flights as they usually don’t have an in-flight entertainment system which can make your flight seem longer than usual.

Follow the Rules 

Before take off, the cabin crew in every flight will guide you through safety procedures that you need to know. Among this are the cabin rules, fastening your seatbelt and what to do during an emergency. This is done to reassure all passengers whether it’s their first or umpteenth time.

Do Your Covid-19 Checks

Install the Aarogya Setu app to keep up with the Covid-19 situation. Check if your destination requires a negative RT-PCR test or a double vaccination certificate. Familiarize yourself with the quarantine rules of the place you are traveling to so you don’t waste unnecessary time in isolation.

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