One day itinerary for Mussoorie, The Queen of the Hills

Majestic mountain range with snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys.
Nov 12, 2023

One day itinerary for Mussoorie, The Queen of the Hills

Finalizing one travel destination for one day trip can be difficult and what’s more difficult is planning the entire itinerary. What do you think of a one-day Mussoorie tour? The Queen of the Hill Stations captures the hearts of all age groups with its peaceful atmosphere. People travel to Mussoorie to experience the charm of this cool weather and this generous gift of nature.

If you are looking for the top places to visit in Mussoorie, you are at the right place. Continue reading to explore Mussoorie’s beauty and the marvelous treasures.

Get energized and start your one-day Mussoorie tour with:


Kempty Falls:

On the Dehradun-Mussoorie Road, you will be welcomed by a beautiful waterfall, Kempty Falls, with an altitude of 40 feet. The name is derived from “camp and tea” since the place is famous for the tea parties that used to be held.

The waterfall is one of the favourite among Mussoorie tourist spots and is greeted by many tourists every year. They swim, bathe and enjoy their time around the small ponds that form at the bottom of the falls.

Sister’s Town

Sister’s Town:

Sister’s Town is appreciated for home-made jams, local cheese, butter and snacks. Visitors during their Mussoorie holidays ensure they don’t skip this place from their sightseeing package. Since Landour is a quiet cantonment town away from city life, the tourists get a chance to have a peaceful time at the Sister’s town.

Highlights: Great Garhwal Himalayan Ranges

Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba:

The unblemished Lal Tibba is nestled on top of Depot Hill. This famous spot is the answer to being mesmerized by the jaw-dropping views. It is always advised to rent a cab while exploring Mussoorie’s beauty.

With a help of a telescope, you can easily see Nanda Devi (6,316 meters) which is the second highest peak in India. It is one of the perfect Mussoorie tourist spots for people who love to capture birds and insects in their lens.

Highlights: A view of Badrinath peak, Kedarnath peak and Bandarpoonch peaks.

Have a good afternoon with these three Mussoorie tourist spots:

Company Garden

What makes this place one of the top places to visit in Mussoorie? An artificial pond is provided for boating, accompanied with a man-made waterfall and a beautifully crafted lawn. One can witness youngsters and elderly people having a fun time, meanwhile, the little ones engage in fun rides.

A small nursery of herbs and plants is a cherry on the cake which makes the tourists make their time to travel to Mussoorie.

Gun Hill

Gun Hill

Gun Hill stands proudly with a height of 2024 meters being the second highest point in the entire area of Queen of Hill Stations. To relish this gorgeous place leisurely, you are required to trek all up for 20 minutes. This can open doors to a different vibe and a beautiful landscape. You can enjoy some sizzling hot Maggi and pakoras on the top of the hill.

Highlights: A panoramic view of Himalayan ranges, Doon Valley

When the sun is resting down, these Mussoorie tourist spots are ideal to be visited:

Mussoorie Christ Church

Mussoorie Christ Church

Built in 1836, this church’s unique Gothic architecture attracts tourists and persuades them to visit the place again and again. Photographers claim this Mussoorie tourist spot to be a hidden treasure for their projects for its pointed arches, corrugated vaults and flying buttresses.

You can end this one-day Mussoorie tour with a quick shopping trip and hogging some delicacies at the next and final stop.

Mall Road

Mall Road

‘Culinary delight’ is what you can say to describe this famous Mall Road in the Queen of Hill Stations. This place carries special love by people with crazy taste buds. From Chinese, Thai, Moroccan dishes to Indian dishes serving Bhaang Ki Khatai, Kappa, Sisunak Saag, Aloo ke Gutke, you can end your one-day Mussoorie tour with stuffed stomach and hearts.

Shopaholics would love this place for markets, and other adventures like video game parlours and skating rinks for the most enjoyable Mussoorie holidays.

This was our take in exploring Mussoorie’s beauty in one day. So, next time to plan to travel to Mussoorie, you now have a list of the top places to visit in Mussoorie. The Queen of Hill Stations awaits you. Pack your bags now for a one-day Mussoorie tour!

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