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Apr 30, 2023

Southeast Asian marvels you shouldn’t miss in 2023

Some places in the world seem mythical unless they are seen in real life, and Southeast Asia has an abundance of them. So carry your backpack and head to these destinations for unforgettable experiences.

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

Witness the architectural marvel of Vietnam’s Golden Bridge, resting on two massive hands. Situated on the Ba Na hills, the place is reached by cable cars and boasts a remarkable view of the East Sea.

Visa fees: Rs 2000 approx (30 days)

Best time to visit: February to April and August to October

Golden Bridge Vietnam

Smith Marine Floating Restaurant, Singapore

Chill out and savour the delicious seafood on the coastal waters of Pulau Ubin Island. The place also offers to catch your own fish directly from a Sure-Catch pond breeding fishes like snappers.

Visa fees: Rs 1900 approx (30 days)

Best time to visit: June-July

Blue Fire Volcano, Indonesia

Go on midnight hiking up a rocky mountain and catch a glimpse of the unique blue flame at Indonesia’s Volcano, Kawah Ijen. The spectacular view of Kawah Ijen crater lake is an add-on you will get on your visit to this place.

Visa fees: Rs 10,950 (60 days)

Best time to visit: March -June and September- November

Blue fire Volcanno

Mari-Mari Cultural Village, Malaysia

Eat, dress and live like the tribals of Mari-Mari Cultural Village in the Malaysian state of Sabah.

Visa fees: Approx 2000 (90 days)

Best time to visit: December – April

Kampot’s pepper farm, Cambodia

From sowing seeds to harvesting, learn everything about the origin of one of the finest peppers in the world, found on Cambodia’s pepper farm.

Visa fees: Rs 2500 (90 days)

Best time to visit: April-June and September – October

Kampot Pepper Farms

Some Asian countries like Indonesia allow you to travel to their land without a visa under the condition that your trip duration should not exceed more than 30 days. You may have to get a visa exemption stamp on arrival at the airport.

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