Travel here to try these delicious Holi sweets

Holi in India
Mar 08, 2023

Travel here to try these delicious Holi sweets

In India, every festival is different from one other, and along with their unique celebrations, they bring you delicious food options for a wholesome experience. That said, with the onset of Holi, we’ve got you a list of colourful sweets from across India that you should definitely treat yourself with!

Kele Ka Pua in Patna

This crispy and fluffy sweet looks similar to Malpua but has a banana twist. It’s a popular Holi sweet in Bihar state with a shelf life of a week if refrigerated.

Phirni in Srinagar

Phirni is a go-to sweet that you will find in Jammu and Kashmir during the festivals. It’s a rice-based pudding which is often flavoured with kesar, chocolate or mango.

Chocolate Gujiya in Lucknow

While Gujiya has gone through various adaptations over the years, it’s hard to beat its chocolate variant, mostly found on Lucknow’s streets. Unlike a regular gujiya, this one has a chocolate filling and is dipped in honey or chocolate syrup.

Sweet Samosa in Delhi

A popular Sindhi dish, Sweet Samosa is among the favourite sweets choice among the Delhiites during Holi. With a look similar to a regular samosa, this one has a filling of reduced milk (mawa) and nuts.

Ghevar in Jaipur

Known to be a staple Rajasthani sweet, this disc-shaped crispy cake may look complicated to make but requires very basic ingredients, i.e. maida and sugar syrup and is usually served with milk rabdi.

  1. Blend basmati rice to a coarse consistency (like semolina)and add it to boiling milk.
  2. On the side, add 10-12 saffron strands to a tablespoon of warm milk (For a kesar flavour)
  3. Mix the content well before adding ½ cup of sugar, then mix again.
  4. As the rice begins to cook and thickens the milk, add cardamom powder and kesar-flavoured milk that you had kept aside
  5. Add chopped almonds, pistachios and cashews.
  6. Pour the Phirni into a bowl and cover it with aluminium foil tightly. Refrigerate it for four hours before serving.

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