Visit here for the best monsoon vacation in Goa

Jul 28, 2023

Visit here for the best monsoon vacation in Goa

Beyond the golden beaches, palm trees and local feni,  there are some experiences that can only be enjoyed during monsoon in Goa. Read on to know what these experiences are, and plan your trip wisely without missing out on precious rainy day fun.

Dudhsagar Falls

Discover the never seen beauty of the Western Ghats on your trekking expedition to the cascading milky white waterfalls. The trek starts from Kulem station and takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach the destination.

Length: 14 km

Cost: Rs 1500 onwards

Dudhsagar Falls

Enjoy a river cruise

Experience Goa’s vibrant culture as you sail along the picturesque Mandovi River on a classy cruise filled with plenty of options to fill your vacation with a memory of a lifetime, including live music, DJ, folk dance and, of course, delicious foods.

Location: Panjim Jetty

Cost: Rs 500 onwards

Divar Island

Attend a monsoon festival

Although many festivals are celebrated during monsoon from June to August in Goa, we recommend you attend Bonderam Festival. Watch a comical mock battle between two villages celebrated in memory of their ancestor’s fight for land.

When: 3rd or 4th Saturday of August

Where: Divar Island

Spice plantation tour

From the sowing of seeds to the harvesting of spices, learn everything about the origin of some of the extensively used spices in India. Make sure to take an escorted tour to understand the nature of other plants it houses, including herbal plants.

Where: Pascoal Spice Village

Cost: Rs 400

Children (below 5 years) – No entry fee

Children (over 5 years) – INR 200

Adults – INR 400

Time: 9 am – 4 pm

Pascoal Spice Village

Explore the wildlife

Goa houses several protected forest lands in the state, but we advise visiting Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary for a rewarding safari tour experience. Along with seeing a rich ecosystem of plants and animals, visitors can scale the treetop perches for a better perspective of the area and even interact with and learn about the local tribal people.

Time: 7 am- 5:30 pm

Fees: Rs 20

Expect to see: Hyenas and sloth bears

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